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AKADEMIDUKA is pleased to share with you its passion for the tradional Guadeloupean music and danses.

Let yourselves be transported by Gwoka and its 7 emotionnaly rich rhythms.

Parade and waltz in your great days oufits with an orchestra.

Moreover, keep in shape with FormaKa.

President's words

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Our history

Akademiduka is a traditional danse and music school that was created in 1985 by Yves Thole and Jacqueline Cachemire-Thole. Today it is directed by Nadia Pater. For more than 25 years, its ballets depicting Guadeloupean life have been acclaimed in the 32 municipalities of Guadeloupe, which are Marie-Galante, Saint-Martin, Desirade, Saintes, Martinique, Guyane, but also Antigua, Barbados, Trinidad, Jamaïca, Paris, Etaples, Chartres, Avignon, Angouleme, Marseille, Washington, Bombay and New Delhi, Seychelles, Turin, Surinam, Canada, Ivory Coast.

Known for its work around the cultural heritage of Guadeloupe and its vitality in the field of amateur artistic practices, Akademiduka provides classes for all audiences, from the early learning garden from the age of 3 to the Douka 83 years old people, without discrimination, with rigorous and structured teaching and learning, as much for rhythm, dance, social practices of reference as the drum-ka in learning the 7 rhythms of gwo-ka.

Passion Gwo-ka, expression Gwo-ka, cresation to experience the pleasure of dancing Gwo-ka while respecting each others's body, Akademiduka has drawn on its excperience and the quality of the teaching offered to develop and implement a training system that highlights the relationship between music and dance, to perpetuate the culture transmission by learning the Guadeloupe dances, music, gestures andhabits as well as parts of its history.

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Throughout her 44 year career in National Education system, she has endeavored to make teachers understand that Guadeloupean traditions had a place in school. Today gwo-ka is one of the optional options for the baccalaureate exams.

In 1985, she founded with Yves Thôle, who would become her husband, a school capable of teaching dance in all its forms, its richness, its history and the foundations of its rhythms. Thus was born the Akademiduka. This work was particularly noticed by the Department of Cultural Affairs of Guadeloupe and the congratulations of the Ministry of Culture during an official visit. Jacqueline Cachemire-Thôle has been raised to the  Legion of Honor order as a knight for her work in the service of Guadeloupe culture in 2016.

Today, she is enjoying her retirement by giving courses dedicated to seniors and by hosting a radio program on Massabielle.

Akademiduka, she entrusted it to Nadine Pater.





At the age of 16, he discovered his passion for Ka by hearing Marcel Lollia, known as Velo, one of the greatest Ka masters, and at 12, became one of his students. At 14, passionate about music and traditional instruments, he began to make Ka from recycled barrels and left for Bordeaux to do an internship in a cooperage. He opened his craft workshop in 1982. This exceptional professional organized himself to make the instrument accessible to as many people as possible by methodically transmitting his know-how.

Tam-bouyé, recognized regionally and internationally, he performed and collaborated with the biggest names in traditional music and dance: Robert Loyson, Guy Conquet, Aldo Middleton, Ray Barreto, Christian Laviso, François Ladrezeau, Carlos Orta, ect. In 1985, he founded with Jacqueline Cachemire, Akademiduka, the first traditional dances and music school.

In 2010, he received from the Minister of Culture and Communication. the title of Master of art, '' maker and restorer '' of percussion (Drum Ka) of the DOM-TOM.

Today, after entrusting Akadmiduka to the benevolent hands of Nadia Pater, he devotes himself to making Ka and gives percussion lessons in his workshop.

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