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A street, a story, a choreographic creation.


Busy street, shopping street where the present and the past intersect, the future and the future; the doors of time are open to better allow us to discover in dances, music and traditional songs from Guadeloupe and the Caribbean, the life of this street in Pointe-à-Pitre undergoing renovation.

Genders and people from different regions and countries meet and mix, open and close; memories of the past invade us, real and unreal, rational and irrational.

A léwoz, a merengue, a toumblak, a voodoo song, a kanté woulé, 2 rhyme bésé, 3 soté krikèt, 4 vol soukougnan, 5 vol voltijé, 6 soukré zépol, 7 ka rhythms ...

The richness of this street, bondyé té ti fié dyab té ti gason, jous jodi jou.

Colorful characters, strong in character, anonymous sometimes.

Who remembers Jojo Kolta, Chabine, Abel, Listwa bab sal, Nestar, Patè Glas?

Sonjé avan two ta baré nouu! Let's leave traces for our children! Raspail street, Bad'lasous ... meeting street, reception street, work street, solidarity street, sharing street, champions street, fun street, international street, multi-cultural street, dance and dance street music, Caribbean street.

A real choreographic journey!

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