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It is a true institution that deserves everyone's respect. Here is the history.


July 1916, a young woman, employed as a maid with a big Pointoise family, place Camille Desmoulins, has just lost her husband.

Overwhelmed by the pain of grief, stoned by the cruelty of lack of money, she silently screams her pain, but all these women, mothers and sisters do not remain deaf and are already organizing the response to the life's petty antics.

Faced with the extend of her financial difficulties, the young Delcourt, Micheley, Louis, Kalpas, Fifi Anthony ladies and the other people from the Place house decided to help her by giving her "a tontine box" (slot box).

Show lasting about 2 hours, bringing together

dancers from 3 to 83 years old in colourful Creole costumes, with Gwo-ka players at the top of their form, choreographic scenes that have nothing to envy to the great musicals.

Nadia Pater, the artistic director, have given this Guadeloupean musical choreographic piece an unfailing dynamism.



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