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Mr X, Mrs De ..., Miss So-and-so ..., Mr Everyone, the son of Mrs Du, the daughter of Mr Junio, Judicine, Aoussia, Fètnat, the child Toupipi .



From our birth, our life is made up of happier or less fortunate and unfortunate events. There is no age or social position to be confronted with hardships.


Touatou milé an branka


Joys, happinesses, sufferings and sorrows follow one another during our existence.


VIM! chini an pwa aw '


Evils setles in, we get up, we face, we fight. Sometimes we win, sometimes we don't. We have superficial or deep, bodily or moral wounds. Adan on batzyé vi aw ka chalviré, but we still have something to hold on to.


Filozofi a lavi, sé pran-y jan i ka baw-li.

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